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Miracle-Gro Superphosphate Fruit & Vegetable Ripener in a robust 1.5 kg package – the key to maximizing the flavor, size, and yield of your home-grown fruits and vegetables. Specially formulated with high-quality superphosphate, this ripener is designed to provide essential phosphorus, promoting robust flowering and fruiting for a bountiful harvest.

The 1.5 kg size ensures you have an ample supply to nourish your entire fruit and vegetable garden, whether you're cultivating a variety of tomatoes, peppers, or other delicious crops. Miracle-Gro Superphosphate enhances the natural ripening process, resulting in more flavorful and nutrient-rich produce.

Derived from natural sources, this fruit and vegetable ripener is perfect for correcting phosphorus deficiencies in the soil. Phosphorus is a vital nutrient for flowering and fruiting plants, supporting the development of strong roots and encouraging the production of high-quality, mature fruits.

Easy to apply, the granular form of Miracle-Gro Superphosphate can be sprinkled around the base of your plants or worked into the soil during planting. The slow-release formula ensures a consistent supply of phosphorus, supporting sustained plant growth throughout the growing season.

Elevate the taste and abundance of your home-grown fruits and vegetables with Miracle-Gro Superphosphate Fruit & Vegetable Ripener – the trusted choice for gardeners seeking to achieve flavorful and hearty harvests. Watch as your crops reach their full potential with the added benefits of this specialized ripener. Trust Miracle-Gro to bring out the best in your fruit and vegetable garden.

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